The overall tech level is late Space Age. Space travel within a system is common enough to be mundane, although ordinary civilians don’t often travel through Rifts to other systems (similar to flying internationally today). Computers and automation are widespread, although only the Terrans have created fully sentient artificial intelligence. Combatants use personal shields, and most are proficient with both a ranged and melee weapon (lower ranges allow for higher outputs, overpowering shields). Establishing a mining facility on an asteroid is commonplace, but facilities that process asteroids wholesale are rare. Interstellar communication is accomplished by broadcasting data through the Entity. This communication cannot be encrypted, however, and must be in the Precursor language.




Notable Tech

  • Gatecrasher
    • Type: Precursor
    • Gatecrashers allow for the creation of short-lived rifts. Although the destination can be specified, certain coordinates are locked.


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