A race of plant-like squid-people from a jungle world.


Squids have a tall, somewhat cylindrical body lined with tentacles. The number and size of these tentacles varies from Squid to Squid, but most have around 10. They also have 4 larger tentacles at the base of their bodies that are used primarily for locomotion. Squid can control all of these tentacles at once, even if they are performing different tasks.

Squid are herbivores and can derive some sustenance from photosynthesis. Once per cycle, a flower grows on the top of their heads and emits pollen. If this flower catches the pollen of another Squid, it will close and eventually emit a burst of seeds that will, if conditions are favorable, grow into juvenile Squids. Squid do have genders (5 of them), differing primarily in coloration and tentacle layout.


Squid live under a fairly anarchic system. Civic and manufacturing roles are filled by lottery (changing hands every 5 cycles) with groups of mercenaries ensuring compliance. Other than that, each Squid pursues its own agenda.

Squid, by and large, don’t care for the company of other Squid. They have an instinctive dislike of each other’s company and they only cooperate when forced to. For the most part, they prefer to go off on their own. They do not have anything resembling a family unit, although occasionally an older Squid will adopt a younger one as its protege.

Squid value individual accomplishment, curiosity, and impulsiveness


Squid are the foremost navigators and shipbuilders in the galaxy; they were one of the first races to reach the stars and were the first contact of 4 different races (the Rocks, the Terrans, the Mer, and the Orbs). Squid ships tend to have a lot of empty space and are usually operable by extremely small crews.

Notable Tech


Squid tactics rely on outmaneuvering opponents and individual heroics. They rarely mount any sort of coordinated efforts.



The Squids were uplifted from a species of plant.


Squid society as a whole developed when the ongoing ice age began on their world. The reduced living space forced the Squid into proximity with each other, and they established the lottery to prevent wide-spread chaos. As their world got colder, they pushed to develop spaceships and the ability to colonize other, more hospitable worlds. The Squid homeworld is now mostly populated by bureaucrats and serves more as a government office than a home.

Notable Members


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