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Good day! This is an info dump that will be formatted later. TBN = To Be Named


  • Galactic UN: A forum where representatives of the various races bicker. Only as strong as the commitment of its member groups.
  • Scientist’s League: A trust that consists of the top scientists of each race (who’re willing to cooperate) working together to advance the technology of the galaxy as a whole
  • TBN Pirates: A secretive group of pirates who operate out of Calamity’s Gate. Powerful enough to take over entire stations and leave before local authorities can mobilize.



  • Overall
    • The overall tech level is late Space Age. Space travel within a system is common enough to be mundane, although ordinary civilians don’t often travel through Rifts to other systems (similar to flying internationally today). Computers and automation are widespread, although only the Terrans have created fully sentient artificial intelligence. Combatants use personal shields, and most are proficient with both a ranged and melee weapon (lower ranges allow for higher outputs, overpowering shields). Establishing a mining facility on an asteroid is commonplace, but facilities that process asteroids wholesale are rare.
    • Interstellar communication is accomplished by broadcasting data through the Entity. This communication cannot be encrypted, however, and must be in the Precursor language.



Galactic Geography

  • Rift. Rifts are regions of unstable space/time which allow near instantaneous travel across the galaxy. Some rifts are stable; others change their destination on cycles. Still others form and dissipate randomly, and some have completely random destinations.
  • Blight. Blight are strange, dangerous blobs of organic matter which appear in the galaxy from time to time. Blight clumps behave similar to viruses on a grand scale, converting any matter it comes in contact with into more Blight.


  • System
    • Planet
  • Binary System, TBN
    • Home planet of the rock-people TBN
  • Outer Arm
    • Calamity’s Gate, an ancient station now home to a mysterious group of pirates


Main Page

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