Favor is the primary currency for interstellar commerce. It is in limited supply, has intrinsic value, and is extremely difficult to counterfeit.


Favor is created by Precursor technology that has excess power during operation. It is, in actuality, crystalized spirit energy, and serves as a sort of battery for Precursor tech. The most common source of Favor is from the Precursors themselves; when they are receiveing more energy than they are expending, they give the resulting Favor to their child race.


The power generated by one Favor is roughly equivalent to the energy released by the death of a healthy sentient being; so, one Favor is equal to the value of a life. The Precursors allow the child races to trade Favor for intervention. In essence, Favor can be used to buy “miracles.” Using Favor like this is uncommon, though, as the Precursors tend to be reclusive and difficult to bargain with.
For example, one Favor could be used to regrow a severed limb. Two could be used to repair a person’s entire body. 10 could cure a plague. 100 could open a Rift. 1,000 could obliterate a ship. 1,00,000 could reshape a world.

Currency values (To be adjusted): Food for a voyage: 1F; high-quality combat gear: 5F; Small ship: 500 F

NOTE: This is still in the planning stages and is being actively adjusted.


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