• Although each race has its own primary language, all UGI member races speak and read Precursor Common Language (PCL). PCL is the language of trade and diplomacy.


  • Favor is the primary galactic currency, accepted by all of the UGI member races.
  • Although they are still relatively localized, a significant portion of galactic commerce goes through one of the 3 major Trade Unions
    • TBN Ship Builders
    • TBN Food and Pharmaceuticals
    • TBN Mining corp


  • The populated galaxy has several political and geographic divisions:
    • Zones: the stretch of space under a specific faction’s control
    • Sectors: the stretch of space around a Rift
    • Systems: the area of space around a star or group of stars
  • Zones contain multiple sectors which contain multiple Systems. Because of Rifts, Zones are not neccisarily contiguous on a stellar map but can be traversed without crossing into a different zone.

Diplomacy and Dispute Mediation

  • Disputes between 3 or more races are handled the [UGI | United Galaxy Initiative], or UGI. UGI intercession can be requested for smaller problerms
  • Each race is required to send a representative to the annual UGI Summit
  • UGI Summits and general inter-racial diplomacy generally takes place in one of the 5 Neutral Sectors

Rules and Regulations

  • All races are required to have an Open City in each sector where where members of the other races can live. Generally speaking, this city also serves as the primary spaceport for the sector and is situated near a Rift.
  • No race may deploy military forces into the Neutral Sectors
  • Each race has absolute authority in its Home sector
  • Each race must follow the Galactic Morality Code
    • Do not take or destroy the property of another sentient without its consent
    • Do not enslave another sentient
    • Do not experiment on another sentient without its consent
    • Do not permanently alter another sentient’s mind or body without its consent


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