This is the tool used for Ground Combat. Ideally, it should have the math modular so it can be configured for different systems

Primary Features

  • Object placement
  • Player Objects
  • NPC Objects
  • Object stat tracking
    • Health
    • Speed
    • Initiative
  • Route selection
  • Object Movement
  • Attacking

Secondary Features

  • Secondary Object stats
    • Sight range
    • Faction
    • Status
  • Status effects
  • Simple manuevers
  • Line of sight (including blockers)
  • Cover
  • Edit mode
    • Drag/Drop objects
    • Single-click pathing
    • Save states

Tertiary features

  • Event Triggers
  • NPC Control Triggers
    • Destroy other object
    • Create object
    • Add/remove status effect
  • Elevation
  • Additional maneuvers


Shadowrun Returns style interface.

Make vision additive (you can see nothing except ____ rather than removing from a set vision area).

Allow for placing vision/effect volumes (for example, modifiers on vision distance)

Important triggers: On Enter, On Exit, and On <phase> start (including Round start

Prefabbable things (like, the ability to have a custom summoned dude or zone creator)

Tag/value for characters so that the scripts can reference them.

Validation for the values

Table of tag interactions

Variable numbers of values per tag


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