For millennia, humanity looked to the stars and wondered if we were alone in the universe. 100 years ago, we rather abruptly got our answer. The discovery of faster-than-light travel led to dozens of first contacts with species every bit as advanced as we were scattered throughout the galaxy. Although there were some initial… misunderstandings, the galaxy has settled into an uneasy peace as we enter into a new era of exploration and progress. Your crew is at the forefront of this, pushing out into the very edges of the frontier. Form your crew and prepare to launch!

The system will be WOIN.

Core Concepts

  • At The Frontier — you stand at the edge of the unknown in almost all areas, be it colonization, science, diplomacy, or business
  • Diversity — the galaxy is full of strange and alien people, places, and things
  • Optimism — galactic civilization is entering a new age, with high hopes for the future no matter what new challenges emerge

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